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The Pinball Resource FAQ
(Frequency Asked Questions).
This entire website is best viewed at 800X600.

This website was created to answer some of the questions The Pinball Resource normally gets.

Q) Why doesn't The Pinball Resource Have their own Web site?
A) We do now!

Q) How come all of the parts are not listed on this Web Site/Catalog?
A) The Pinball Resource has millions of parts. It would require multiple people to maintain a web site/catalog of this size. This web site is a start, if successful, watch it grow!

Q) How come part XYZ is not available for my game?
A) Pinball machines were only meant to last on location for 5 years. Thus parts were only maintained by the manufacturer for this time period. The Pinball Resource has had many parts re-manufactured for this very reason.

Q) How come this web site is ???
A) We sell Pinball Part and run the web site like our business, simple and to the point. There are no banner ads, no tracking, no cookies, just pinball/coin-op related information.

Q) Do you sell or repair Pinball Machines!
A) Sorry, we don't.

The Pinball Resource Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Very important to us. The below text will explain the information we know about you and how you can retrieve/delete it.

Our Website:
Does Not Store any personal information
Does Not Use Cookies- We are Cookie Free
Does Not Use Scripts-Just straight HTML Code
Does Not offer Userids/Logins
Does Not offer a Carts/Ecommerce System
Does Not Log Access/No Server Logs
Does Not allow Advertising
-There is nothing of your visit to our website logged anywhere.

If you have contacted us by phone or Email and placed an order with us, we do have your name, address,
phone number(If provided) and have assigned you a unique Pinball Resource Customer Number. This information
will be reused if you place additional orders.

Payment Methods Records
Credit Cards - Not Accepted (Nothing to Log)
PayPal - Not Accepted (Nothing to Log)

Email Retention - We conform to US Federal/State requirements for storing all Email communications with our customers.

We do not sell or share customer data with other organizations.

No longer own a Pinball Machine or don't want us to store your name/address for future orders, simply Email us with your Pinball Resource Customer Number, Full Name, and Address an we can delete your account.


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