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Pinball Cleaners and Waxes
Here are the products we recommend for cleaning and waxing a pinball machine. Please remember, everyone has opinions, and these are ours!


Mill Wax


Novus #1 is made to clean, protect, and shines all type of plastic. This is great for cleaning your plastic pinball parts without scratching.

8oz. Fluid Spray Bottle $4.50
64oz. Refill Bottle $22.84

Novus #2
is made to remove fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from plastic and other surfaces and restore their original appearance. This can be used on Diamond Plate and Mylar playfields before waxing.

*Note - We hesitate recommending Novus 2 as a playfield cleaner for Pre-1989 playfields. It's a polish first and foremost*

8oz. Fluid Squeeze $6.53
64oz. Refill Bottle $35.69

Novus #3
is made to remove heavy scratches. It's a two step procedure, first use Novus #3 followed by Novus#2.This can be used on Diamond Plate and Mylar playfields before waxing.

8oz. Fluid Squeeze $7.74

Novus Polish Mates
are non-abrasive, lint-free disposable cloths that compliment using the Novus products. Do you really want to use that old t-shirt when cleaning your pinball machine?

6-Pack $3.38

Novus Starter Kit
Includes one bottle of Novus #1(8oz), Novus #2(8oz), Novus #3(8oz), and 1 pack of Novus Polish Mates at a discount!

1 Novus Starter Kit $19.95

Mill Wax
is our favorite pinball cleaner/wax. This should be applied directly to a rag and then applied to your playfield. Applying directly on an older playfield could result in the white wax getting into the crevices and other undesirable spots.

16oz. Squeeze Bottle $18.36ea

Wildcat #125 Playfield cleaner/wax.
Petroleum solvent cleaner and wax recommend. Recommended by Bally in the late 70's. Fairly tough on plastics-Minimize exposure to plastic posts and a No-No for ramps.

16oz. Squeeze Bottle $16.98

Wildcat RC88 rubber cleaner.
Did you ever just install a rubber ring kit , and for some reason touch one of the rings and leave the famous black spot. Well now instead of shifting the position of the ring, you can use Wildcat's RC-88 to clean it.

16oz. Squeeze Bottle

Wildcat TR60 Tape Cleaner .
Want to remove the tape and tape residue left behind, this is the product you needs. Leaves original surface free of the sticking feeling!

16oz. Squeeze Bottle $16.98


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